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Privacy Policy at

It is important for you to read this page carefully because it informs you how we at collect and use your personal information. For clarity's sake, we shall use the terms 'us', 'our', and 'we' to refer to on the rest of this page. By reading this privacy policy, you agree to the outlined terms and conditions of our services.

1. Definitions

Herein, we refer to parties excluding those that work for or are associated to as 'readers', 'users', 'members', 'players', or 'followers'. 'Personal data' refers to the identities of the aforementioned parties. When talking about the website, we will use the term 'public area'.

2. Information We Collect Via Our Services

We collect only essential information from users who wish to view or use any part or area of the website. We process this information in various ways:


We use user information to improve the experience of readers of and to improve our services as a whole. To do this, we track your movements throughout the public area so that we can analyse such data, ascertain which pages users visit the most, and make adjustments to our layouts and features.


Personal data and information may include users' full names, email addresses, ages, physical addresses, and mobile numbers. Some of this information will be provided entirely at your discretion. However, certain elements are essential in order for us to fulfil legal requirements, such as verifying the ages of users.


Data collection is carried out automatically through users' IP addresses. These addresses provide cookie information concerning users' site history. This may include access to times, dates, and IP addresses that are used through our services. This information will be used to interact with users through email. This will be done solely to improve user experience.


Some of our authorised services will collect data that users have shared with us - e.g. details used to subscribe to our newsletter. Some of these details include users' IDs, email addresses, full names, dates of birth, and genders. By making use of our authorised services, all users consent to us storing these details for later use, to enhance our services and forward to third parties in the event of legal matters.

3. How We Use the Information We Collect

We process the information of our users in the following ways:


The information we collect is used to help in the operation, maintenance, and improvement of our services. In addition, it is processed with regard to user requests, questions, comments, and recommendations concerning the services offers.


The information we collect helps us better understand trends. This could lead to the launching of new products, updating outdated services, and improving user experience overall.


The information we collect enables us to communicate with users for administrative purposes:

    (a) Customer support issues such as rights infringements, violations, or other complaints.

    (b) Update users about promotional offers associated with the services provides. These are optional.


We use cookies and other tracking data to collect, store, and track information related to your visit. Cookies and tracking data help us with the following:

    (a) To personalise services to avoid you having to re-enter log-in information to gain access to the services we provide.

    (b) To tailor adverts and content to your interests.

    (c) To market for third parties and monitor services.

    (d) To track all submissions and records, log statuses, and promotional usage.

3.5 Analytics

To evaluate our traffic, we use Google Analytics. Neither or our services are affiliated with Google. However, Google can access the reports we compile to monitor user activity on our website.

We assure that user data is always protected. Any data shared shall only be done so to resolve technical issues and shall be kept anonymous.

4. Information Disclosure

We use users' information in the following ways:


This is information left by the user freely. This comprises, but is not limited to, public comments.


Service providers who work with for the purpose of maintenance, hosting development, &c. have access to some personal data. However, they can only see information that will help them carry out their duties. In addition, they are under a contractual obligation to keep member data secure.


Data is passed on anonymously to third parties for the following purposes:

    (a) Compliance for reports.

    (b) Marketing and advertising.

    (c) Tailoring user content according to pattern usage, function availability, and services used.


We may disclose personal data if requested by law in compliance with court orders, subpoenas, warrants, or judicial practices. We will always work with government officials and law enforcement for the following purposes:

    (a) For precautional measures to absolve us from liability.

    (b) To protect ourselves against illegal, fraudulent, and abusive activity.

    (c) To defend ourselves in the event of third-party allegations and claims.

    (d) To secure our services.

    (e) To protect our legal rights and property as well as enforce contracts.


In the event of the acquisition of our site, be it through a sale, bankruptcy, or insolvency, the data we have collected will be available to the new owners. However, they would have to commit to a privacy policy to guarantee that user rights are respected.

5. User Rights

As a user, you have the right to request the data we hold about you. To do this, you must send us a written request via email. In addition, you can request for your data to be modified or removed completely, as compliant with Irish and European data protection laws.


As mentioned above, we use Google Analytics to evaluate and analyse site traffic.


You are free to unsubscribe from emails at any time. To do this, click the unsubscribe button in your last email received from us and update your email preferences accordingly.

6. Third Party Services

We shall not be held responsible for third-party actions, even if their services are provided through us. We shall also not be responsible for data you share with third-party services or sites.

7. Privacy Shield

Concerning personal data retention, complies with the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

8. Cookies Collected by and Their Functions

  • Essential Cookies: These cookies enable you to explore our site freely. They also create a more personalised user experience.
  • Performance Cookies: These cookies monitor the performance of our site as you navigate it, in a bid to improve our services.
  • Function Cookies: These cookies retain login information. They also memorise previous choices such as country of origin and language. Function cookies also retain design choices, such as image and font changes.
  • Behavioural Target Cookies: These cookies enable us to analyse user data to suggest relevant advertisements.

9. Minors

Our services are not for the use of readers under the age of 18 or the legal gambling age in their respective jurisdiction. We reserve the right to access and verify any personal data shared by users. If you believe that a minor has shared information with us, please contact us and we will delete it. However, we can not guarantee that all information shall be deleted.

10. Data Security

We strive to protect our users' rights and data. In this light, we ensure that all necessary safeguards are established to protect our users from fraudulent activity, whether administrative, technical, or physical. For example, the SSL technology we have on our site encrypts all data during transmission.

11. Data Retention

All user information is collected for well-defined purposes and is only stored for a specific period. If the data collected meets its purpose, we will discard it once it has been ascertained that the data will not be needed for legal matters. We conserve all data that has been used for legal matters in compliance with our legal obligations.

12. Settings

You have the right to adjust your privacy settings. However, we need to remind you that no privacy system is completely impregnable. We therefore do not accept liability for any breach of security due to third parties or malicious actors.

13. Data Transfer

Data shared through services we provide to third parties located in the European Union might not have the same security levels. We can not guarantee 100% security of data for third parties; therefore we do not accept liability issues that may occur from such third parties.

14. Data Controller and Data Processor

In the guidelines for the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation, is classified as Data Controller under section 2016/679; thus any user data shall be controlled by us and we will determine how this data shall be used and why.

When it comes to third-party usage and actions, we have no legal right over how they store and use this data.

15. Policy Changes and Updates

As laws change and are updated, we may have to adjust our policies to suit the latest requirements. We advise you to check this page regularly so as to keep up with your legal rights.

By reading this page and continuing to use the services we offer, you declare that you fully understand and agree with the terms and conditions we have outlined.

If you have any questions or concerns about our policy, feel free to contact us.